Get a Comfortable Night Sleep with My Pillow 26Oct12

Sleeping is definitely one of my favorite things to do, especially after an 8 hour work day and an hour long trip to the gym. Lately though, sleeping hasn’t been very fun for me. I have been waking up in the middle of the night with a horrible pain in my neck. Every so often this happens, usually when I sleep the wrong way, but this was a reoccurring pain each night which often lead to headaches in the morning due to lack of sleep. Finally I had enough of the pain and decided it was time for a new pillow.

This time, I wasn’t going to buy just any pillow like I normally do. I wanted this pillow to ACTUALLY take away this irritating neck pain. Like every human being these days, I turned to Google and typed in “pillows for neck pain.” The first product to appear in the Google search was the My Pillow, with the first words in the product description that said “pillows for neck pain.” Perfect, just what I was looking for! But I was still twist n clipskeptical, so I clicked through to see what the My Pillow was all about. Impressed with the description and product reviews, I made the purchase.

It has now been one week since I began sleeping with the My Pillow, and as crazy as it sounds – it really is MY Pillow. It’s like it worked magic, the neck pain is no more! It is the most comfortable pillow I have ever owned. It is unique because it stays firm and conforms to my own sleeping position while allowing me to sleep right through the night without any interruptions of pain, meaning no more headaches the next day. It’s also conveniently machine washable. Finally I can experience genuine comfortable sleep!

What do you do to eliminate neck pain and get a healthy night sleep?

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