Gifts for Fathers Day 13Jun12

I hope everyone has started planning for the big weekend this weekend. This weekend is Father’s Day. This weekend is the weekend we get to take care of our dads, our pseudo dads, our husbands who are the fathers of our children, and our friends and/or family who have recently become dads. It’s Father’s Day, and for me that means my dad (for this one day of the year) has to let me take care of his and he has to accept (and love) his Father’s Day gift from me.

Gifts for Fathers DayNow, let’s be honest, most of the dads in our lives have a hard time accepting gifts and other people doing for them because they always (and enjoy) doing everything for everyone else. But we get this day to celebrate them, and I think, secretly, they actually enjoy the attention we give them on Father’s Day as much as they might say, “Don’t do anything special,” and (my least favorite line) “Do not get me a Father’s Day gift.” My dad knows none of these things are options. He can fight with me forever on it, he knows it’s a waste of his breath. If you’re anything like me, you love buying gifts, but finding the perfect gift is important – and with as difficult as dads can be, it is even more difficult to buy the perfect gift for dad. So, let me let you into a little secret, visit Gifts for Father’s Day from Taylor Gifts. On this page you’ll be able to find Father’s Day gifts for all of the dads in your life of all interests – no matter how hard it is for them to accept the gift we give.

Now after the hard part of buying a Father’s Day gift is done, what’s next is to give him the gift in the most special way he will allow. My dad doesn’t allow much. So this year, it’s just going to be a simple brunch with the whole family. I think my dad does the whole Father’s Day stuff to make the rest of us happy, but to be honest, I am happy that I get to celebrate my dad. My dad very rarely let’s me give him gifts, so this is one of the two days in a year he will accept my gift to him. I hope you all have a nice Father’s Day this year with all of the dads you celebrate with.

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