Girls Night In 04Oct12

What do you like to do when the rain ruins your weekend plans? The other weekend for me was full of errands and my reward was supposed to be to go out to a nice dinner with a friend afterwards. Then it rained and things changed.

I was so excited to go out to dinner, and we picked one of my favorite restaurants to go to. But while I was wrapping up my final errand of the day the sky began to turn gray; the wind started to pick up; and I knew the rain storm was headed my way. I made it home with arms full of bags, and just as I finished putting everything away, the rain started to pour down. I knew at that moment dinner was cancelled – no one likes to drive in thunderstorms just to get dinner. cheese board So instead of being sad, my friend and I came up with an impromptu great night in! We grabbed the delicious cheeses we just purchased at the store, with some fruit and crackers, broke out the fancy cheese board, the big bottle of wine, wine glasses, and had a fancy girls night in. Then, when we eventually got hungry and needed food more than cheese and crackers, we ordered delivery from a fancy Thai restaurant around the corner.

Of course it is not ideal when the rain swoops in and ruins your plans but if you have the right attitude and a friend who is willing to change those plans, you might find that your rained-in night turns out to be a whole lot of fun.

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