Holiday Storage Tips for the Whole Family 24Dec08

Around the holidays, it is easy for unorganized piles of gifts and decorations to take over your house. It is time to get organized! You can use these holiday storage tips to help your entire family cut the clutter in your home.

Tip #1: Ask everyone to pitch in with the organization and cleaning.
While your kids and spouse are still at home, hand them, some dust spray, brooms, and put them to work. As you organize, make sure that you label everything, and remember – even the smallest children can get involved. Start them with an organizing routine when they are just two or three, and it should stick with them as they grow. Do not be afraid to ask your family for help organizing, especially around the holidays, and you might even want to hire some help if you are feeling especially overwhelmed.

Tip #2: Keep the bathroom organized!
This year, invest in some storage for your bathroom drawers and walls. A Mounted Hair Care Holder can help you keep curling irons and blow dryers off the countertops, and a Cosmetics Tray can keep your drawers from looking like a colorful cream and powder explosion. Plan enough time so that before you leave for the night, you can clean up the bathroom. That way, it will be organized for the next day!

Tip #3: Organize your fridge.
With Fridge Roll Out Trays that can be installed in just a few minutes, you can see what is in your fridge – even in the back. This saves you time when you are looking for a specific ingredient, and it can also save you money – no more buying duplicates or throwing out spoiled food that you forgot in the very back. You will also save energy.

Tip #4: Do not store items under the tree after Christmas.
While in the days leading up to Christmas you will probably keep your wrapped boxes under the tree, when the big day is over, do not use this as a storage location. Throw away any packaging, paper, or other trash items you missed that morning. Give every item a place in your home so that it can be put away when not in use. Otherwise, things may pile up in your living room or family room long after you take down your tree.

Tip #5: Store your ornaments in special boxes.
It is easy to become complacent and simply throw your tree ornaments together in a big box when you are taking down the tree. If you do not use special ornament storage, your tree decorations could be broken when you go to use them next year. Look for a Christmas Ornament Storage Container instead that is made up of little compartments where you can place each individual ornament to prevent it from being broken and tangled with other ornaments. Along with that, keep your lights and garland rolled nicely with a Light Reel to prevent tangling during the months it is in storage.

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