Home Décor Ideas To Display In The Bathroom 11Feb13

Having a well-decorated bathroom, is about more than just impresses your houseguests. When you create a serene environment in your bathroom, you are fostering a sense of calm and well-being that you will carry with you throughout your day.

Imagine waking up in the morning and getting ready for work. What is the first thing you do? For many of us it is going into the bathroom to get showered and get ready for work. Visualize how you would feel walking into a dirty bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. Picture blank white walls and old dirty towels.

Doesn’t sound very welcoming, does it? It certainly doesn’t sound like a nice way to start your day.

Now imagine waking up and walking into a pristine, clean bathroom. You have fresh towels hanging up and your shower is sparkling clean. Not only that, when you hop out of the shower and dry off you see pictures of your smiling family hanging on the wall. There is a potted plant by the window and a few lovely trinkets on a shelf.

Isn’t that the way you want to wake up in the morning? No one wants to get ready in a dirty old bathroom with bare walls and no sense of interior design. It may sound silly but decorating your bathroom can make all of your days even better. Here are a few excellent suggestions for home décor ideas to display in the bathroom.

White Flicker Candle Set of Two

There is nothing that makes you feel like you are coming home quite like seeing a candle burning in the window. A primal feeling arises when you see that someone is tending the fire for you and waiting for you to come home.

But in the modern world we also have to worry about fire hazards. With the White Flicker Candle Set of Two you can have the best of both worlds, without having to worry about ever plugging anything in! No wax or flames equals no worries about a fire hazard.

The White Flicker Candle Set of Two has a realistic flickering glow of a candle. white flicker candle set of twoThe LED light source powers on at dusk, and automatically shuts off at dawn. The light on this candle never needs to be replaced, and lasts up to 20 days on three AA batteries (not included).

Triangle Metal Wall Tiles

Looking for an affordable way to revamp your old apartment? Renters often have to settle for dirty old walls when they move into a new place. Sure, most landlords will let you repaint on your own dime, but any serious remodeling will be a hard sell.

Whether you rent or own your home, these triangle metal wall tiles will make an excellent and affordable weekend project. They also won’t break the bank if you just want to do a little minor remodeling in your apartment.

These wall tiles are self-stick and will not ever stain or crack. triangle metal wall tilesThey are perfect for not just the bathroom but the kitchen as well! You can select the square tiles to cover the most surface area, while the triangle tiles will fill in all of the edges. All you have to do is cut them to fit into the space with scissors. You don’t need any grout. Just wipe down the area with a soapy cloth.

A set of 24 square tiles will cover three square feet of wall space. The half-sized triangle tiles will naturally cover one and a half feet squared. You can select your tiling in black, white, copper, or brushed aluminum.

Lace Shelf Edging

To really spruce up your bathroom, you are definitely going to want to have some shelves. Shelves are essential for much more than storing your spare towels and essential toiletries. They are also nice to hold photographs, souvenirs, candles, and all sorts of things that make your bathroom a more hospitable environment.

But you can also take your bathroom décor to the next level by decorating the very shelves themselves!

This lace shelf edging is another amazingly inexpensive way to make your bathroom feel extra fancy. lace shelf edgingThe fine and fancy floral lace has adhesive strips on the back that make it a breeze to just stick right on to the edge of your shelf. You don’t ever have to iron it or do any maintenance at all. You can even use it to make the rims of potted plants feel a little finer! These vinyl lace strips are two inches wide and over eight feet long!

Don’t ruin your day by starting it off by getting ready in a filthy bathroom. Treat yourself with these fantastic home décor ideas to display in the bathroom.

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