Home Sweet Home 28Mar11

I decided this past weekend that I needed to get away; not vacation get away, but relaxing, no-expense get away. It’s one of those very strange things about not living with mom and dad – you work and save up to move out to be independent, then you move three states away, and you don’t really get homesick, but you miss the comfort of mom and dad. Home Sweet HomeWhen you move out on your own, there are things you just don’t realize beforehand – like the fact that you have to take care of yourself, for yourself at all times. No one is home to cook dinner for or with you, cleaning is either on you or a maid (if you can afford one), you have to run all of your errands yourself – no one does those things for you because everyone else is doing those same things for themselves. So, I took off on Friday night to go spend some quality time Friday night through Saturday night with my mom and dad.

Sometimes, I just need to get away and…shop! I know everyone has their favorite shopping friends, but mine is my mom. Since I don’t live 30 minutes or less away from her anymore, our weekly shopping trips have turned into sporadic shopping trips (sad!). So after breakfast with both of my parents, my dad took my car over to his friend and the two of them did manly things with my car (like check the brakes – better safe than sorry), and mom and I hit the mall. Credit cards and coupons were burning through our wallets – I do not remember the last time we went shopping together. Do not worry, I definitely still enjoy my shoe collection growing, and we absolutely went to DSW (two of them). After shopping I have a tradition: lug in all of the bags and boxes; take everything out; and show my dad my purchases, and yes, he loves every moment of it.

What do a mom and dad need most after their daughter was home for a full 17 hours? Large Cooler Tote CollectionThey need to take her out to their favorite restaurant (this is true…I would have been happy with hoagies and french fries) for an absolutely amazingly perfect meal for three. No meal is ever complete without leftovers to go. And no matter how much I insist, my parents packed the delicious leftover food up into the cooler, put it in my car, and I was off on my three hour drive back home – my stomach full of great food, and my car full of new clothes and shoes!

How was your weekend? I hope it was perfect! Have a super Monday!

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