How Do You Prepare for Spring Cleaning? 26Feb14

Although we’re still in the midst of winter, it’s never too late to begin preparing for spring. Of course, spring cleaning is an annual tradition, but that’s no reason that you can’t introduce some new elements this time around. Keep reading for some simple ideas.

First, while it’s important to plan for spring cleaning, that doesn’t mean you should let your normal cleaning regimen fall by the wayside. Stay focused on what needs to get done while you prepare for the coming season, or you’ll end up with even more to do.

While you have the time right now, start things off with a plan. Just because you’ve always had a routine for your spring cleaning doesn’t mean it was the best one. Take the time now to analyze how you’ve done things in the past and think about where you could improve. It might just mean finding more effective ways to go about it. Also, keep in mind anything that might need to be added to the list. It’s been a whole year since the last time you did your spring cleaning, and it’s possible that you’ve acquired new items that will either need attention or that can help out.

When preparing for spring cleaning, it’s ok to think about some new purchases you might need to make. Everything from shelves to containers to wall racks can go a long way in helping to organize your home.

Lastly, don’t shoulder the entire burden on your own. If you have a family, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be pitching in. By planning early, you can assign tasks and give your family members plenty of time to ask for clarification. Better to field those questions now than find out a job wasn’t done correctly later.

It’s best to start preparing for spring cleaning early so you don’t get squeezed for time when the season finally comes around. As soon as the weather gets nicer, there will be all kinds of other activities to prepare for, as well.


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