How Effective Are Wax Vacuum Ear Cleaners? 28Jun13

Physicians have warned people for years that it’s not safe to clean your ears to any depth using a cotton swab – or worse, a hairpin. They can push wax further into your ears, where it can create even more problems. They can even puncture the ear drum, leading to pain and possibly requiring surgery.

The Wax Vacuum Ear Cleaner gives you a safer way to clean your ears, without the risks associated with cotton swabs. It has a safety guard on it so that you won’t use it too deeply. All you’ll need to do is to attach a color-coded, soft silicone tip and switch it on after inserting it into your ear.

The controlled suction of the ear wax vacuum pulls gently and removes the water, dirt particles and wax from your ear. It is collected into a special chamber on the vacuum. When you have finished cleaning, all you have to do is unscrew the container and then empty it. You won’t believe how much wax and other debris can accumulate in your ear until you try a vacuum.

Cotton swabs are used for many purposes, and you probably find that they may end up everywhere in the house except where you need them to clean your ears. An ear vacuum has a lighted tip, so that you can easily see inside your ear before you use the vacuum. It’s s step in the right direction as far as ear hygiene, for adults and children alike. Younger children should have their ears done by an adult, though.

Ear wax vacuums are powerful, but they are still safe to use. The light is especially handy, so you can check out the ear before cleaning. The battery-operated ear wax vacuum also lets you clean your ears without leaving cords on the sink. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to use.

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