How to Keep an Organized Garage 14Jan09

To organize a garage, first remove the clutter and take inventory. Taking inventory of your garage helps make the cleaning process easier. With this process things should also be thrown away. The next step should be separating your items into categories to help keep everything organized.

The first category could be something like “Things that should never have been saved.” This is perfect for items that have no purpose in the garage, or items that you do not know the proper method required of disposal (Often, your local public services department can provide those answers). Once you have this category solidified, you should be well on your way to clutter removal.

The next category is “Items rarely used.” This is perfect for seasonal items like gardening tools, snow shovels, and sleds. Sport equipment should have its own category. A final category is “items that are not really useful, but have sentimental value.” These items need to be stored somewhere safe out of the way.

Once you have an idea of what items your garage holds you can go out and invest in those organizational products that can work wonders. Quality shelving will keep your garage items off of the floor and out of the way. Shelf dividers are also useful as they allow you to easily split your shelves into sections. Another great product to help with your garage organization is an under shelf organizer. This item allows you to easily hang items up that do not fit well on a shelf.

Fishing Rod Rack Golf Organizer Rack Several items that can cause problems in a garage are fishing poles and golf clubs. A fishing rod rack stores rods and reels. This item can store twelve rods in an upright manner. It also comes with a convenient drawer for all of your accessories. Now, what about the golfing equipment? The golf organizer rack stores two golf bags, and has shelves to store balls, shoes and any other golfing item.

Keeping a garage organized is something that simply requires regular attention. With regular maintenance coupled with the right organizational products, even the most challenging garages in an organized state.

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