Inflatable Salad bar 19Sep11

INFLATABLE SALAD BARI came across an article on MSN a few days ago that I think contains great information for everyone. Read the 5 Foods That’ll Make You Look Younger here.

I look young for my age, but the older I get, the more and more I do appreciate being carded at bars. After reading this article I realized, however, it might be more than just my genes…I LOVE these foods that are listed. Salmon, for my whole life, has been by far one of the foods I would always eat. Leafy greens are part of my life daily – if not twice a day, and 3 times a day if I make a smoothie, I put spinach in it. The article even says that ingredients in red wine and beer can help make you look younger too! This is all very exciting.

So, my suggestion for this week: plan a look young party for next weekend. Make a guest list, invite your favorite people, blow up your inflatable bar, and come up with all different recipes using sweet potatoes, salmon, beer, red wine, citrus fruit, and leafy greens. Keep you and your friends young with some fun and some good food!

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