Insta Bulb 28Feb13

Sometimes time flies so quickly and you find that you do not get to see friends who you really like to spend time with enough. We get so wrapped up in those “regular” everyday things that sometimes we forget to slow down. Sometimes it is more productive to forget about what you had planned, and to call the friends you have not seen in months.

It had been a while since I saw some friends of mine who, by the way, work within walking distance of my office and live less than six miles away. So I decided to put aside all of the things I “had” to do, and made seeing them the most important priority of the day. I gave my friends a call and dinner was set!

Time spent with friends helps you to get “away” from life in the middle of the week even though there are so many other things to do. During dinner we had so much to catch up on. They had not been insta bulbto my new apartment yet, and I still have not been to some of their new ones. Some of my friends recently moved in to new places and needed to make some changes like me. I asked them what they started doing, and they said the first thing that was so crucial was getting more light into the cabinets and closets. An idea my one friend suggested was to use Insta Bulbs, which was a gift she had received during her housewarming party. My friend said so far after a month of using the Insta Bulbs, her closets and cabinets have just enough light and it’s working great for her.

What do you do to add more light into those hard-to-get-to dark areas like your closet and cabinet in your home?

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