InstaHang 05Jan12

One of the greatest parts about having your own place is hanging whatever you want on the walls. Also, you can organize your place in so many different ways when you can hang items on the walls.

INSTA HANGFor Christmas I received a few new pieces of art for my wall. I am excited to hang my new art on the walls, but dread the actual hanging. I always have a hard time juggling holding the nail steady, swinging the hammer while trying not to hit my fingers. When I hang the picture, I realize the nail is in slightly the wrong place, so I try again. When all is said and done, I have bruised fingers and several holes in the wall. I just found the new InstaHang eliminates the hassle and potential injury.

InstaHang allows you to hang your picture, posters, and mirrors on your wall in one simple step. By using the InstaHang you just need to push and the peg will go into the wall. The InstaHang peg holds up to 10 pounds, so you can hang virtually anything you might want!

So now you can enjoy your empty walls and all of the potential they have. The InstaHang will help you decorate like a professional without the hassle.

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