Instant Trainer Leash 07Sep12

I love dogs. Do you? I know there are always debates: dog people vs. cat people, and while I am not much of a cat person, I try to appreciate why people love their cats. Being that I love dogs and puppies of all sorts, I do find myself feeling sorry for the owners of those whose dogs and puppies are not trained well enough to walk with them. Especially after what I witnessed the other day while I was running some errands.

I saw a man “walking” his dog…or should I say, the dog was walking the man? It was only funny to watch because: 1) It was not me 2) the man was laughing 3) the dog was very large and on a leash. After seeing this, it got me thinking: How do people walk their not-so-controlled dogs? Try the Instant Trainer Leash! This is definitely the right item for a dog that needs to learn how to walk nicely.

instant trainer leash

For all of the avid dog-lovers out there, the Instant Trainer Leash is not a harmful product and is veterinarian and trainer approved. It is simply a leash that goes around the neck and waste of the dog so you have more control over the dog. The Instant Trainer Leash provides firm, but gentle resistance, which will allow you to train your dog to walk nicely with you, as opposed to pulling you all over the neighborhood.

So, for all of you dog-lovers who fear walking a young, stubborn, or out of control dog, test out the Instant Trainer Leash and let me know how it goes!

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