Kids Want Toys & Money for Holiday Gifts 08Dec08

Think about the answer you get when you ask children (yours or someone else’s), “What do you want for the holidays?” Some kids want toys, others want money, and some want both! If you’re like me, you want to give the best gifts to everyone on your list, including the children who want toys and money. So I came up with a few great ways of spoiling the kids who want it all and actually giving them everything they want; all-in-one toy and money gifts!

Pinball Money MazeThis Pinball Money Maze is the exemplary all-in-one gift we are talking about here. It’s a pinball game that can be played with but also holds the money or gift card to his or her favorite store.

One Million Dollar Cash Puzzle If the child you’re purchasing a gift for is a bit of a thinker, and likes to solve puzzles, the One Million Dollar Cash Puzzle is the perfect gift! The only way to get the money is to figure out the puzzle. The One Million Dollar Cash Puzzle will be fun for everyone!

Movie Maze Gift Holder If you are giving a DVD or a video instead of money, the Movie Maze Gift Holder will be a fun way to watch the child try to get the gift out. The child has to solve the puzzle in order to watch the movie gift inside.

Green Bilz Try putting a gift card or money into the Green Bilz Box for the interactive child on your list. Green Bilz is a game puzzle, and the ball has to make it through the puzzle in order for the money or gift card to become accessible.

Cash Shirt The Cash Shirt is not a game in itself, but it is still a fun and different way to give any child some cash for the holidays. You just fold the money and use the Cash Shirt to present the money. Who knows? Maybe the recipient will like it so much that he or she will save the money from the cash shirt…maybe.

Money Soap And for the child that hates taking a shower or bath, you can entice them with the Money Soap. The money is inside the Money Soap, but the only way to get to it, is to actually use the soap.

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