Labor Day Weekend BBQ’s 02Sep11

GRILLINGLabor Day weekend is upon us. The sad news about Labor Day is that is means summer is ending. The good news is that it means we have a whole long weekend left of summer to enjoy it while it lasts.

To be honest, I have no idea what I am up to this weekend. Last weekend I went on my first vacation in a very long time. I went to Florida for a 4 day trip to visit a friend. Before I knew it, it was almost the next weekend, and I have 3 full weekend days and I had almost no plans. But what is Labor Day weekend without a BBQ? I am certain at some point I will attend, what very well may be, my last BBQ of the summer. Maybe I’ll go shopping for a little while, because nothing beats a holiday weekend sale and I need some fall clothes. Otherwise, maybe I’ll have a nice and relaxing Labor Day weekend.

What’s your plan? TABLE & CHAIR COVERS” width= I hope at least some of you are all ready to break out your grill and BBQ for your friends and family. Maybe some of you are on your way to purchasing grill covers and table and chair covers to get ready for the cold weather.

Whatever you’re planning to do this weekend, I hope you have a great one!

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