Laptop Desk 24Aug11

LAPTOP DESKLast night as I was walking home from work and errands that took entirely too long, and after a well-deserved mani/pedi, I ran into a friend of mine who reminded me of what is happening between now and 2 weeks from now…BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!

For me, this really only means more traffic during my morning commute—hardly a stunning change. For others it means getting kids up in the morning, after-school activities, and homework after dinner. For a friend of mine, it means being a student once again. He is going back to school and while maintaining his full-time job. He is not happy about it because in his words, “It’s not like starting 3rd grade when you get to shop for Trapper Keepers”. I guess shopping for school was more fun when we were young. Now everyone shops for new computers and laptop desks, and printers.

I think its safe to say that times have changed!

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