Laundry Sorting 27Dec12

How does the holiday season affect you and your regular household activities? Do you find that you are able to stay on top of all of the chores around the house you usually have to take care of? Or are you like me – too busy at work, running errands, wrapping presents, cooking dinner, and not having enough time to even dust or clean the bathroom. I will tell you what bothers me the most, and that is letting all of my laundry pile up.

I have so much laundry piling up all over the apartment. I simply have not had the time to dig through my clothes that are overflowing from my rolling hamper onto the floor, and sadly, into the living room. laundry hamperSorting my laundry itself will take me a very long time…which reminds me, I should probably invest in a sorting hamper so I can skip the sorting step in doing my laundry. I must have easily four loads of clothing to do, and this, of course, does not include sheets from weeks ago, and towels. laundry sorter I wish there was a way to make doing laundry go by much faster. I have found that I much prefer to hang my clothes on a drying rack as opposed to putting clothes in the dryer for several reasons: 1) My clothes do not shrink or drying rackchange shape when I hang them dry 2) My clothes do not fall apart when I hang them dry 3) I do not need to run the dryer for several hours hoping the clothes will dry in 60 minutes or less.

Anyway, I am thinking that maybe I should try to do some laundry, a little bit at a time, as I try to get other things done around the apartment. Maybe while I am cooking dinner throw in a load of laundry, and then when I am cleaning up from dinner try to get in another one. The problem may be that I just do not have the time around this holiday season to fold and put all of the clothes away once they are clean…but at least they will be clean.

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