LED Candles 02Feb12

Who doesn’t love the soft glow of a candle? It’s great to turn the lights off and enjoy the ambiance that only a candle can provide. The problem with candles is that you have to locate matches, light each one trying not to burn your fingers, trim the wicks, make sure the wax doesn’t drip on furniture, and you have to watch them closely—especially around pets or children. It kind of takes the enjoyment out of it.

Remote control LED candles” width=Enter remote control, flickering LED light candles. These are amazing! The set of three pillars look just like real candles with a wax exterior, but inside there is a bright light that glows and flickers just like a real candle. You’d never know they’re not real. And you don’t have to go around turning each one on. Just turn the switch on the bottom to the on position and then use the remote control to turn all the candles on and off with press of one button. And there is no safety hazard with pets or children so you can place them where you want. I see no downside to these candles. They’re great!

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