Let the Summer in with Portable Screen Doors 09Jul13

It’s nice to let the few cool breezes of summer into your home, but who wants to put up with all the bugs that enter when you do? Portable screen doors use Velcro™ to attach to your door frame, and then close right after you go through them, with magnets.

They are easy to install, since they don’t require any hardware. Just use the included Velcro to secure the screen to your existing door frame and you’re ready to go. These screens are great for condos and apartments, since some homeowners associations and landlords believe that ordinary screen doors are unsightly and won’t allow their use. Portable screen doors are virtually invisible once you install them, and they won’t damage your door jamb, since they don’t have standard hardware needed to install them.

The screen in portable doors is made of a mesh fabric that is very light in weight, and made finely enough that it won’t allow bugs in. You just push through the door, even when your hands are full, to open. Your children and pets can go inside or outside without needing assistance. The screen will snap shut right behind you, so you’ll never have a screen door accidentally left open. They’re especially handy at barbeques and outdoor parties.

You can take the instant sliding door screen with you if you move, or are headed to your cottage at the lake for the weekend. You can even use it when you stay in motels or hotels that have sliding glass doors but no screens. Instant screen doors are handy to use, wherever you go. They are available in varying widths, so they’ll fit most any sliding door frame.

In the winter, you can roll your invisible screen door up and stow it away. It won’t take up much room at all. With many sizes available, you can be assured of a secure fit, regardless of the size of the door to which you are attaching it.

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