Let’s Talk About Bedding 22Mar13

This past week I’ve had several conversations about bedding. I am not sure how or why this conversation has become such a hot topic, so I thought I would bring the bedding conversation to you guys here.

Everyone has a different opinion about what is expensive and what is a “good value for your money.” The first discussion I had was with a group of friends. The overall consensus was that everyone was happy to spend “a lot” of money when it came to bedding because your bed is where you lay down the rest your mind and body every night after a long day.

You do not always need to spend that extra cash though to get a great night sleep. You can magic loft mattress padpurchase an average bed and mattress at a reasonable price and still sleep comfortably, if not better. One of my friends told us that when she was not so thrilled with her new bedding purchase, she bought the Magic Loft Mattress Pad to place on top of her mattress and gives her bed that “sleeping on a cloud” feeling. She said the Magic Loft Mattress Pad did not cost very much money and was good quality.

And this just so happens to bring me to the other conversation I had this week about bedding: pillows. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a comfortable pillow either, especially with products out there like the My Pillow. I purchased the My Pillow months ago and it still stays firm and I sleep comfortably.

Anyway, everyone has a different opinion on how much money should be spent on necessities like bedding. Everyone also has different opinions on how firm or soft their bed should be. Where do you stand on the topic of bedding? Do you prefer to pay extra money for quality, or improvise with a product like the Magic Loft Mattress Pad?

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