Light a Summer Night with Solar Lights! 17Jul12

Over the past few weeks we have talked a lot about summer, including how great it is, how much fun we can have, different ideas of things to do with and without the kids, fun ways of keeping cool with the sun shines down on us, and ways of protecting ourselves from the sun damaging our skin. But let’s not forget that part of the fun in summer are the summer nights. There is something special about nighttime in the summer–whether it is continuing the daytime BBQ into the evening, or taking the moment after a long day at work to enjoy a cool summer night on the porch reading a book, or watching the kids play endlessly as if the sun never went down. All I know is that summer days are great, and the summer nights are just as amazing.

outdoor solar lighting
So, what makes a summer evening better than a winter evening? Well, it’s not cold – that’s always a plus, and with the right outdoor lighting you can still enjoy the warm weather (which has likely cooled down to a more moderate 70 to 80 degree temperature) and the fresh air – can you really have too much fresh air and time outside? I believe that we need to take advantage of what summer brings us. And, yes, I do understand that summertime, especially in the evening, means bugs. But that is the great part about outdoor light – it can very easily be multipurpose. Many outdoor lights are also bug repellents. And, do not worry, energy-savers because not all outdoor lighting products have to be plugged in. In fact, many lights for the outside are solar powered! So, you can continue to hang out outside, not use energy from the television, indoor lights, and any other indoor item that might cost you money in energy as you stay in the house, and entertain yourself outside with the solar lighting.

Now, for those of you who still may not be on board with doing things outside at night in the summertime, maybe you need some ideas of things to do. Some of my favorite outdoor nighttime summer activities include late night snack, talking on the phone, reading a book, talking with a friend, and eating a late dinner. For the kids, just think of the same stuff they would do normally: play tag, run around, play hide and seek, and catch fireflies and put them in cups (that was so much fun when I was little). Whatever you do or like to do, just make sure you have the right outdoor lighting. Enjoy your summer nights!

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