Looking Forward to the Fall Season 06Aug12

Well friends, another summer weekend is gone, and another work week begins. I know it has been August since the middle of last week, but it just dawned on me this past weekend how quickly this year is flying by. I could not believe my eyes when I was in the store and items to decorate the house for fall, Halloween, and yes…I even walked past one store that was actually already selling Christmas tree ornaments! Now, the stores are trying to rush my year (that is already going by very quickly) away, but I am still trying to enjoy the last bit of summer…though there are so many great things to look forward to.

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While I know the summer is great and there is nothing quite like the sun staying up longer making our days last, sometimes the end of summer and beginning of fall can be such a great time of year as well. Two awesome things that typically begin in the fall are football and camping. Yep, the end of the summer is the time to start thinking about the sports and camping items to buy for this coming season. Those of you who like camping probably cannot wait for the cooler temperatures to settle in so the time spent camping, hiking, eating, and sleeping outdoors won’t be full of thick humidity and mosquitoes. This crisp, cool temperature of early fall is the best time for you to enjoy the great outdoors. Aside from camping, fall means football. Now, if you do not enjoy football, I am sure someone in your life does. People like to play football, watch football, talk about football, and even get so involved, play fantasy football. I guess I, too, can start to get excited for fall.

Camping and football – two excellent things to look forward to for this upcoming season. I feel like someone in everyone’s life likes one of these two activities. Outdoors and sports are great activities to do with friends and family – they really do build a great sense of community. They also can help the kids learn teamwork, and it keeps them outside, active, and off the couch – how can that be a bad thing? Whatever the reason, sports and camping are fun fall activities. I hope you find yourself getting ready to enjoy them soon.

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