Magnetic Coupon Holder 21Jul11

MAGNETIC COUPON HOLDER” width=I hate grocery shopping. I don’t like to go by myself so I generally just dash in and out for some fruits and veggies to make salads for lunch for the week. On the nights I eat dinner with Peter we always go to the grocery store together to shop for our ingredients. We get what we need only for that meal and usually decide what to make on the fly. With our lack of planning ahead, I never have coupons—not that I look for them anyway. Why do I not like to save money? I do, however, have 3 $10 coupons from the supermarket from shopping there so often. Every time Peter and I go to the store we remind ourselves we have these $10 coupons, and inevitably, 30 seconds after we leave the checkout line we remember the coupons – I even keep them in my purse so I do not forget.

I think I need to start a new system. Planning ahead would be a good start. If Peter and I know what we want to have for dinner that week, we can look up recipes and search for coupons for those ingredients. If I kept a list of other items I needed to get, I can get those while shopping for that night’s dinner and it would probably lead to fewer trips to the store overall! To keep this all neat, organized and in one place, I can use the magnetic coupon holder. If everything is visible, hanging on my refrigerator, it is more likely that I will remember to take and use the coupons and stick to my list.

If I recall correctly, when I was young the checkout clerk would ask, “Do you have any coupons today?” Why don’t they ask anymore? I could use the reminder!

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