Memorial Day Weekend Festivities 01Jun11

Welcome back from a great long weekend. I hope you didn’t have to work or spend too much time doing things that weren’t number one on your list. Long weekends, like Memorial Day weekend, are meant for family, friends, and fun. Mine was quite relaxing with a little fun fit in.

The most fun parts about Memorial Day weekend for me this past weekend were the BBQs. There were two that I went to, and they were perfect: fun, friends, good food, beer, and believe it or not a Slip ‘n Slide. Saturday’s BBQ was focused around a soccer game that was on TV, so the majority of the time was spent inside, and only the actual grilling was done outside. This was perfectly fine by me! While I love BBQs and hanging out outside, here, in DC it is like 95 degrees and humid.

Slip N SlideAfter a lazy Monday of Memorial Day weekend full of reading, laying low, and taking an early afternoon walk, it was time for BBQ number two. This BBQ started earlier in the day, but we were okay to wait until later. This evening BBQ was a lot of fun. There were a good amount of people, and the backyard was huge. The temperature was again about 95 degrees even after the sun went down and the humidity was making the air really thick. As we were sitting around and talking, one of the conversations was what we wanted to do in this heat. Stainless Steel TorchI said I wish we were allowed to run through the fountains around the city. Someone said they wanted a Slip ‘n Slide, and someone responded with “I have one here. I bought it today for $6.00.” I WISH I had a change of clothes! I wanted to play on it too. Next time, I am bringing spare clothing. While the host had tiki torches burning, it still wasn’t enough to keep the mosquitoes from biting our legs. I wound up going home with 6 bug bites on my legs.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. Hope yours was great too!

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