Mobi Valet 09Feb12

mobi valet” width=I commute to work with a friend most mornings. I’ve come to notice that my car is not keeping up with the amount of stuff that two people use in a car. There is a GPS, two cups of coffee in the center console, some thrown about, a pen…ok, I have a messy car. But there is no place for either of our phones to go. No, I don’t use my phone while driving, but I do like to have it out in case it does ring and it’s important. I will pull off to the side of the road to answer. But if there is no where for the phone to sit safely in the console, I usually sit it in my lap. This isn’t exactly ideal. Once I got out of my car, completely forgetting about the phone and when I returned to my car the phone was on the ground! I’m lucky it wasn’t taken or run over.

To solve all these problems, I’m getting the Mobi Valet, a small pocket for your cell phone in the car. The phone can sit safely where it can be close for hands free, speaker use and still out of the way. I wont have to keep it in my lap or in a cup holder where it will rattle around or compromise a spot for hot coffe.

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