Make Leftovers Last Longer With Mr. Lid 14Nov12

We have been talking a lot these last few weeks about Thanksgiving, and all of the preparation involved in getting a big Thanksgiving dinner ready and organized. But no matter how much planning is involved, inevitably we will always have a ridiculous amount of leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. To be honest, I think many people make too much food on purpose, specifically to have Thanksgiving dinner leftover meals.

I must hear more people get excited to eat their leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches than any other lunch sandwich. What is it about these Thanksgiving leftovers, including turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce that makes people so excited? On a normal day is it so difficult to get anyone to eat leftover food. On Thanksgiving, people simply cannot wait to dig in. I know of some people who go mr. lidright for the leftovers just a few hours after Thanksgiving dinner. So with the Thanksgiving leftover frenzy, maybe we should try our best to also prepare a way to keep the leftovers fresh.

So how do we make sure that the food we take so long to cook for Thanksgiving dinner keeps well for everyone’s favorite leftover meals? Good plastic containers to sort and organize food, such as Mr. Lid are the perfect item you need to help keep the delicious food fresh and last as long as possible. Mr. Lid is great because you can actually put the containers in the freezer. So when you make too much soup, you can freeze it and keep the soup for a cold winter day. Mr. Lid is also an excellent solution because the lids are attached to the containers. That way, you do not have to go digging through the mess is the plastic container cabinet in search of the right lid.

From previous posts, we have already talked about how you can plan to cook the perfect Thanksgiving meal and stay organized throughout the process. Today, we talked about what everyone really wants when it comes to Thanksgiving: the leftovers. So with Thanksgiving just one week away, you can be totally prepared for a perfect holiday meal, and post-holiday leftovers.

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