Mr. Lid! 14Aug12

Welcome back to another week. I hope you all had a nice weekend that was full of fun, productivity, and hopefully, a little bit of time for some relaxation. If your weekend was anything like mine, you were taking in the last of the 2012 Summer Olympics because they sadly came to an end on Sunday. I know we have not spoken about the Olympics on this blog, but any moment I had to watch television, I was watching the Olympics. They completely grab my full attention, no matter what sport was on, and I was giving up all of my favorite television shows for whatever the network was showing of the Olympics. Additionally, they were keeping me much more focused at the gym rather than the regular television I watch to help me through my treadmill runs. But now the Olympics are over…so what do I do?

twist n clip

Well, I have learned that now that I do not care to sit on the couch in front of the television for several hours every night anymore, I have a lot more free time in the evening after work. Due to my addiction to everything-Olympics, I did not make it to the grocery store over the weekend, so I went on Monday night. After dinner, cleaning up, and getting lunches together for the week, I still needed more to keep me occupied (nothing good was on TV). So, I did what any normal girl who was bored would do: organized! Monday night I tackled the kitchen. The lingering culprit of the kitchen is the all-time-dreaded Tupperware cabinet. No matter what I do, I can never seem to get it right. Naturally, I turned to the internet for advice on how to keep containers and lids organized in the cabinet which contents always seem to tumble down on me every time I open the door. What did I find? The new Mr. Lid

I know what you are probably thinking: “Another container that promises to keep organized but probably won’t.” Well, I have high hopes for the Mr. Lid. What makes Mr. Lid better than other containers to store food? Mr. Lid has the lids attached to the container – yes – attached! So you will always have the matching lid to the corresponding container. So, the lesson I learned from all of this: By no longer watching the Olympics I can actually be productive in my apartment and find the right items to keep this place organized.

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