Music Bullet 19Jan12

With all of the handheld and wireless devices we have today, one of the many benefits is having music with Music Bulletyou wherever you go. You can listen to whatever music you want while cooking, while on a bus, at the park, the options are limitless. Sometimes you want—or need –to listen through ear phones and other times you want to hear the music through speakers. The problem is that speakers aren’t exactly portable. Until now!

The Music Bullet is pretty awesome. It connects to more than just your iPod or MP3 player. You can use the Music Bullet anywhere that you can connect to a speaker jack. So, for example, if you’re anything like me and are generally busy at home taking care of chores and other projects, you can plug in the Music Bullet into your cell phone and have a clear “speaker phone” set up for you so you can use both hands while being on the phone. Also, I frequently watch DVDs on my laptop, but I like a lot of sound, not just the flat sound my laptop provides. By hooking up the Music Bullet to my laptop, I can get the full sound of the DVD I am watching without struggling to hear.

I love the idea of speakers, but I feel like they are bulky, expensive, and don’t provide the complete sound I am looking for. With the Music Bullet, I can not only get the complete sounds from my iPod, but the Music Bullet allows me to use my cell phone and laptop more effectively than ever before.

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