My Best Friend’s Wedding 27Sep12

This year has been a very busy one for me as events just keep coming. One of the most exciting events to come is my best friend’s wedding in November. I am sure everyone knows how much fun it is to prepare for weddings, though in my case things have been a little tricky since she lives so far away, in southern Florida. But with all that has been planned it has influenced me to do some research for wedding items and ideas.

I never realized how much you can do from the time someone gets engaged until they get married. All of this is multiplied when the bride lives far away from her family, the groom’s family, and her friends. personalized mr. and mrs. Wedding frameThere are showers, bachelorette parties, dress shopping dates, fittings, gifts to buy; and who can resist the cute little knick knacks that are perfect for the bride? So as one of the several bridesmaids that do not live anywhere near her, I have done the best I can in showering her with bridal love while not really being able to be with her: gifts, emails, phone calls, pictures, brainstorming, etc. And just when I think, “Okay, I have done everything I can do, all I have left is the wedding,” I came across a personalized Mr. and Mrs. Wedding picture frame.

How can I resist? It is perfect! You can personalize it and choose from several different colors, which I love! There are so many awesome “perfect” items out there, especially for when it is your best friend who is getting married. All I know is that November cannot come soon enough and she will definitely be showered with love for the rest of her engagement.

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