My Top 5 Favorite Items from Taylor Gifts 20Feb13

I know over time I can throw a lot of ideas and topics out over the Taylor Gifts blog. I like to talk a little bit about everything. I like to tell you what I like, what I do not always like, I like to offer you suggestions on items that could potentially help you out, because likely, they have helped me out. I really love it most when I mention something (anything) and you comment on it. I love hearing back from you about what goes on here. With all of that being said, today I thought I would just present to you some of my favorite items that I use—some I have spoken about before, and others may be new:

One Touch Can Opener: I love the One Touch Can touch can opener It opens my cans for me so I do not have to struggle to open a can, and I can do something else while the One Touch Can Opener opens the can for me.

Manual Treadmill: It is so hard to get in a workout between work, errands, cooking, cleaning, organizing, manual treadmillmaybe a few minutes of relaxing/reading, and eventually sleeping. But, if somehow you can find 30 minutes a day (my favorite way to do this is to get someone else to cook dinner or clean up from dinner) hop on the treadmill and walk or run for 30 minutes – whatever you can fit in your busy schedule. All it takes is a 30 minute walk on the treadmill a day to stay healthy, and actually feel like you have done something good for yourself for the day.

Glass Canisters with Lids: Having glass canisters with lids that seal tight are essential in my kitchen. I make homemade granola every week, and the canister and lid keeps the granola fresh all week long. I also store pasta, four piece glass canister setother baked goods, and whole coffee bean in the glass canisters. The glass canisters with lids not only help me keep food longer, they help me keep my kitchen organized.

Rolling Triple Chrome Sorter: Laundry is a task in my house that takes forever…mostly because of the sorting. urban rolling triple chrome sorter Before I had the triple laundry hamper I was spending so much time on the floor making laundry piles before I could begin getting my laundry done. I generally do three loads of laundry, so the triple chrome laundry sorter works out perfectly for my regular laundry needs. The plus to this laundry basket is that it is on wheels, which is awesome because now I do not have to trace back my steps to pick up the pieces of clothing that potentially would fall out on the way to the washing machine.

Silver Mesh Tabletop File: This mesh file organizer has made my apartment look a million times more organized, and has made me feel much more organized. tabletop file Since my desk is in my living room having all of the bills, files, and other miscellaneous paperwork lying on top of the desk made the whole apartment look disorganized, and realistically, did not make me feel like I always knew where everything was when I needed it. The mesh tabletop file organizer has allowed for all of my stuff to be in one place, in a file that looks nice in the whole apartment.

What are your favorite items in your home right now? What do you have in your place that has really changed and made doing things easier on you and/or your whole family?

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