My Favorite Organizing Products 12Apr13

It can be difficult at times to keep a home organized. No matter how much space there is in a home, it seems everyone struggles to keep things organized. I am always looking for ways to better organize my home. I know there are professional organizers in the world who actually make it their job to organize peoples’ homes, but for those of you who are more hands-on and like to do things around the house yourself, I have outlined for you some of my favorite organizational items that have truly helped me keep my life and apartment in order. I hope it helps you and gives you some ideas of what to do for yourself.

1. Velvet Touch Suit Hangers – These hangers literally saved my closet. I replaced every single hanger in my closet with the Velvet Touch Suit Hangers, and I continue to buy them as my wardrobe grows. The clothes stay on the hangers, and they take up so much less space that I can see everything hanging neatly.

2. Convertible Shower Caddy – This shower caddy has really made my shower much more organized and clean. With the Covertible Shower Caddy hanging on the shower head I am able to keep all of my shower items in one place as opposed to on the edge of the bath tub. It helps keep the edge of the shower clean, and it helps make cleaning the bath tub a much easier task.

3. Canvas Storage Bin with Handles – I have several canvas storage bins with handles in my apartment and they are awesome. I keep them in a bookshelf. The canvas storage bins hold my toys and my extra wires and cords that I have in the apartment that one day I might need but currently do not use. I love how cute they look in the bookshelf while also being a very practical piece to the apartment.

4. Upright Jewelry Valet – Having all of my jewelry in one place and properly organized really helps to keep my bedroom look more put together. With the Upright Jewelry Valet I have a place to put each piece of jewelry away. This way I do not need to leave all of my jewelry out on the dresser, and the Upright Jewelry Valet holds items so I can see everything easily.

5. Seagrass File Box – The Seagrass File Box has literally transformed my whole living room from looking like a disorganized mess, to an actual living room without papers all over the place. The desk that stays in the living room now has pencil boxes, a laptop, and a Seagrass File Box to hold every single paper and important document that comes into my home. It looks great, and serves a serious purpose. I love it.

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