No Soggy Cereal Bowl 19Sep12

Do you ever go window shopping instead of “real” shopping? There are times in my life when I have no desire to shop. However, there are the occasional days when I really want to go to the mall but have no desire to really buy anything. I just go to look to see what’s out there that others are buying at the time. When I window shop I find myself looking at items I would not normally notice due to tunnel vision of “real” shopping.

The last time I went to the mall with a friend I did some window shopping. I love going into the knick knack stores, toy stores, and stores with the interesting gadgets. While in one of those stores, my friend came running over holding a box in his hand saying, “We have to buy this!” When I turned around I saw he was holding the No Soggy Cereal Bowl. My instant reaction to this was “No,” because that is generally my response to items in gadget stores. Then I looked again at the No Soggy Cereal Bowl and re-thought my initial reaction. no soggy cereal bowlThe No Soggy Cereal Bowl keeps the milk separate from the cereal ensuring a crunchy spoonful of cereal every time! I decided I liked the No Soggy Cereal Bowl. Though I did not buy it, it is definitely a gift I would not mind receiving from my friend who saw it first.

So, per the usual, on my window shopping adventure I came home empty handed. But, thanks to a good friend who likes fun stores I was introduced to the No Soggy Cereal Bowl – an item I never would have known about otherwise.

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