Novelty Signs Make Wonderful Gifts 20Aug13

Novelty signs are original gifts for all occasions. You want people to remember the gifts they have received and think of you, and novelty signs help them to remember.

Not all novelty signs are humorous. One popular metal sign has a lovely message: “Be still and know that I am God”. Signs like this add inspiration to either your home or to another’s, if you give it as a gift. This sign uses a neutral palette mosaic that will blend seamlessly with any décor. Some signs, like this one, are made to look like weathered wood, but crafted from metal, so they’ll last longer.

The companies who make and market novelty signs have a wide selection, from which to make your choice, according to Build a Sign. They ship your sign out quickly after you order, so it will arrive in time for your friend or family member’s birthday, or any other special event for which you might be gifting a sign.

Neon signs are also quite popular, especially in home bars and game rooms. Some of them feature car logos, like a Chevy table top sign. You’re sure to find the type of car that your favorite friend drives represented, so that you can give him a unique sign for his birthday or for another occasion. Neon signs can have a solid or flashing illumination, and some have both.

Perhaps the most popular gifted sign is “Home, Sweet Home”. They can be made from any materials from wood to metal, and some are made cleverly with needlepoint samplers. These make wonderful housewarming gifts, or choose one for your own house. Some of these signs can be personalized, which makes them even more special.

Irish themed bar signs are popular for birthday or holiday gifts. They work so well in home bars. Their nostalgic look will make them a hit with whomever you give them to. Composite wood signs are popular and have an aged look, even though they are brand new.


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