One Touch Can Opener II 31Oct12

I know I talk to you guys a lot about things I cook in my kitchen, the different projects I have going on around the apartment, and the different tools I like to use. I am certain I have mentioned to you before that I own and love the One Touch Can Opener. one touch can opener This is by far one of my all time favorite kitchen tools. So, I am sure you can imagine my sadness when I went to open a can of tuna to make lunch one day to find I had to use a regular can opener!

I would like to preface this by saying while I love the One Touch Can Opener, I am also very aware of the fact that I very rarely keep batteries in my apartment. Batteries are just an item I never think to purchase when I am out running regular errands. AA Batteries
Anyway, I went to open up a can of tuna, and like always I went right for my One Touch Can Opener. Sadly, when I pushed the button, nothing happened—the batteries were dead. I did not have any extra batteries in the house, and my friends who live in my building were not home to lend me some batteries they might have for me to use. I almost gave up on the tuna when I realized I actually do have a regular can opener. The regular can opener is not nearly as convenient and easy as the One Touch Can Opener, but it did the trick.

So, the lesson learned from all of this can opener business is I really hate using the regular can opener now that my mom purchased the One Touch Can Opener for me years ago. I love the convenience and ease of using the One Touch Can Opener. I also learned I need to remember to pick up some spare batteries in case of an emergency, after being confined to my apartment during this week’s storm. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were badly affected.

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