Only Soft Grip Hangers to Organize My Closet 05Nov09

Soft Grip Hangers I have a new favorite product. I never thought I would get so excited over hangers, but these soft grip hangers are the best thing I put in my closet since my shoes. I keep talking to my boss about how much I love them, so of course, I needed to let you all know about my new love for the soft grip hangers.

Recently I moved and during my move I decided I needed new hangers for all of my clothes to hang in my new closet. My co-worker purchased the soft grip hangers and told me how great they were, so I bought a set to test them out. My clothes hung nicely on the soft grip hangers, and even the softest and silkiest tops did not slide off. I purchased several more sets of the soft grip hangers to replace every single hanger I had in my closet. Since the soft grip hangers are so thin everything in the closet stays organized and neat and I can see every article of clothing that hangs.

Now, I am happy to look in my closet and actually see the clothes instead of having to dig through them to see what is there, and even when I move the hangers the clothes do not fall off! I gave my boyfriend all of my old plastic hangers during my soft grip hanger switch. He can keep the plastic ones; I have upgraded to smaller yet better hangers for my clothes.

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