Pedi Paws – Pain Free Pet Nail Filing 20Aug08

Pedi PawsNever worry about your pet scratching you again. The Pedi Paws files your dog or cat’s nails without any pain. Your pet won’t run away from you when you try to remove its nails with the Pedi Paws.
The great part about the Pedi Paws is that it will remove the nails in layers using the rotary emery bands, so your pet is not in pain by the clipping. The Pedi Paws works quickly, too, so you no longer have to worry about keeping your dog, cat, or any other pet still for long periods of time.
You and your pet will be happy with the Pedi Paws. The cap catches the nail filings so you do not have to clean up after your pet is gently groomed.

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