Perfect Fries 29Jan13

Can you believe how fast this month has just flown by? It feels like yesterday we were just talking about the holidays our New Year’s resolutions. Speaking of resolutions, how are you all doing with yours? Well for those of you who have chosen healthy living as your resolution or are simply on the market for a new product to test out in the kitchen, this post is for you.

The item that I want to talk to you about today is called the Perfect Fries Cutter. If you are like me and like to make homemade fries, the new Perfect Fries cutter makes it easy for you, as the cutter cuts the potatoes perfect fries cutter
into the perfect size and shape “fries” in just one step. You may be thinking, “How does this help those of us who want to stick to a healthy living lifestyle?” First, instead of going to a fast food joint to buy fries which are deep fried, smothered in oil, fat, and salt, you can bake the fries you cut with the Perfect Fries cutter which is a healthier alternative. In addition, the Perfect Fries cutter is ideal for cutting vegetables into smooth, long pieces to eat and pack away into your lunch.

Before you think about baking homemade French fries, I definitely suggest the Perfect Fries as your next kitchen gadget purchase. Prefect Fries will allow for easier food prep, which in return will allow cooking to feel less like a chore!

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