Personal Care Gadgets and Products for Women 23Feb09

There are wide varieties of personal care products and gadgets that are directed at making various parts of a woman’s life more manageable. Below are some of the more ingenious gadgets dedicated to making life easier.

Strap Perfect The Strap Perfect – The Strap Perfect is a small clip that is used to attach your two bra straps together on your back. Strap Perfect allows you to wear a regular bra with tank tops and other skimpy clothing, without the straps showing.

EZ Combs – Not since you were a little girl has it been so easy to style your hair. These plastic EZ Combs allow you to fix your hair in attractive styles without needing a third arm or a degree from beauty school.

Smooth Away – The Smooth Away offers a quick and easy way to remove hair from your legs, underarms, and face. Completely safe and simple to use, Smooth Away is a great choice for many women.

Perfect Profile Perfect Profile – The Perfect Profile is for those who do not have the sculpted look that was enjoyed in years past. The Perfect Profile is a way to regain the look of youth and eliminate sagging and stretched skin from your chin and neck.

Comfy Foot Alignment Socks – After a long day on your feet, the Comfy Foot Alignment Socks are a great way to relax. Slip these socks on and forget all about the pumps, boots or whatever other torture you have been subjecting your feet to.

Spin Lash – Long, thick eyelashes create a flattering look. In the past, women have been stuck using the mascara applicator that is included with their tube of mascara. The Spin Lash is a premium mascara applicator that allows you to smoothly apply mascara that will dry free of clumps.

Five Step Belt Five Step Belt – The Five Step Belt offers a way to avoid that unflattering look altogether. Wearing the Five Step Belt comfortably gives you a sleek, polished look. This item can have you looking slimmer and goes well with your diet.

Derma Revolution – The Derma Revolution provides at home skin care that will rejuvenate your skin and keep you looking younger. Inexpensive and easy to use, the Derma Revolution is a luxury worth having.

As you can see, many different gadgets can make you look and feel younger, provide relief for life’s little annoyances, and make your own life easier. These are just some of the great developments to make everyday life a little simpler.

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