Pet Seat Protector 15Jul11

PET SEAT PROTECTOR” width=What are you up to this weekend? I hope you’re doing something fun. Maybe you’re staying in because it is ridiculously hot, or maybe you’re taking a weekend trip because it is summer and you might as well. If you do decide to take that trip, don’t forget to take your favorite furry friend with you on the road! Dogs love road trips too! Just be sure to protect your car from your pet with the pet seat protector.

While your pet enjoys being chauffeured and feeling the wind in its ears, you may not enjoy the hair, dirt, and claw marks that are sure to get all over your back seat. The pet seat protector covers the entire back seat, the floor and the backs of the front seats from the mess that comes with your pet. It attaches to the headrests in seconds and has quick release buckles so you can quickly remove it and zip it up in its own carrying case when you have human passengers.

Don’t leave the animal members of the family out of the fun this weekend! Bring them along and keep the mess to a minimum.

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