Pot Luck Dinner Parties 25Sep12

My favorite kind of dinner party is a Pot Luck dinner. I love when everyone can contribute. I also like sharing recipes with others you may not know very well, and starting new friendship based on a common interest. Its always fun adding these new recipes to my recipe book at home too. Pot Luck dinner parties are my favorite. I was recently invited to an upcoming Pot Luck dinner party. I am very excited because it will be fun to get to see people I do not get to see very often, especially during the week!

12 mold muffin pan

For the Pot Luck dinner I was put in charge of dessert and decided to bake cupcakes. Why cupcakes? Well there is going to be about 8 – 10 of us at the party with another person plus the host also making dessert. I thought, “I can make one batch of cookies, which normally adds up to 4 dozen cookies, and let them go to waste, or I can bake a half batch of cupcakes using only one 12 Mold Muffin Pan.” That way it’s 12 cupcakes for the group and one tin for me to clean. Sounds like a good reasoning behind my decision to me.

Now that I have my type of dessert planned for the Pot Luck dinner party, I need to focus on what kind of cake to make and what kind of icing. There are so many choice and varieties I can go with. I also like to make sure everyone has a chance of getting what they like. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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