Quick 20 No Heat Fix-A-Chip Repair Kit 28Dec12

Wow! Can you all believe it? It is already the end of December and almost time to ring in the New Year 2013 on New Year’s Eve! 2012 was a year that definitely flew by for me. January 2012 feels like it was just yesterday and the summer is just a blur.

So with all of the parties, people coming in and out of your house, and potential New Year’s Eve parties at your house, you probably have a lot of cleaning up and touching up to do. It never happens on purpose, but somehow my cabinets and floors always get the worst of the destruction when I have holiday parties. And, of course, I need to get everything back to perfect condition before New Year’s Eve, since I like to have some people come over to celebrate.
Do you have to clean your floor two to three times in order to get in back to normal? That is the hardest part for me: cleaning the floor. The cabinets are tough too because at times I will find that not only do I have to scrub them to free them from the grime of the party, but sadly, with lots of people the cabinets sometimes chip. I never knew what to do about that until I recently came across a new As Seen on TV item called the Quick 20™ No Heat Fix-A-Chip Repair Kit. From what I have read, the Quick 20™ No Heat Fix-A-Chip Repair Kit can help repair the chips on hard surfaces in three steps, which should only take about twenty minutes.  Quick 20™ No Heat Fix-A-Chip Repair Kit I am thinking of giving the Quick 20™ No Heat Fix-A-Chip Repair Kit a try since it would be nice for my cabinets to be back to perfect before my friends come over on New Year’s. Have any of you had to do small repairs on cabinets or counter-tops? Is there something you would suggest I try?

Anyway, aside from cleaning up and fixing some things around the apartment, I think I am about ready to kick off New Year ’s Eve. Since I was lucky enough to get to travel a good amount this year, I unfortunately did not get to save as much money as I would normally have liked. Saving money is always my number one New Year’s resolution and now is the time to start thinking about ways to make 2013 better than 2012. What do you think will be your New Year’s resolution for 2013?

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