Rachel Ray Show Features the Cleavage Control Clip 17Feb09

The Rachel Ray Show has a segment called, “I Can’t Stand My…”. In January of this year, the Cleavage Control Clip was featured when the Rachel Ray Show did the segment “I Can’t Stand My Cleavage.” Two women were featured: one who didn’t have as much cleavage as she wanted, and one who felt she had too much. Gretta Monahan, an expert on the Rachel Ray Show, gave out tips for both of these ladies to feel more comfortable in their bodies. For Jeanie who wanted a bit more cleavage, among other ideas, Gretta suggested she use the Cleavage Control Clip.

Cleavage Control Clip The Cleavage Control Clip has become a very useful tool for women. By simply attaching the Cleavage Control Clip to each bra strap, it will boost cleavage and also helps with better posture. The Cleavage Control Clip slides up and down the bra straps to create as much or as little cleavage as desired.

In addition to helping women feel better physically, the Cleavage Control Clip will also help to save women money. Now, we no longer need to throw away old bras once the straps start to get old and worn out, and start falling off our shoulders. The Cleavage Control Clip attaches to the straps and tightens them up. So now, the lifespan of the bras grows thanks to the Cleavage Control Clip, and we do not have to buy bras quite as often.

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  1. lawanda black - April 19th, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    it was mentioned the say day as cleavage control cip i believe

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