Relaxation Therapy: The Many Options 22Mar11

Over this past weekend I was thinking about what I could write to you about this coming week. Sometimes I watch and/or read the news and come up with fun topics. Other times, I use my life and what I am doing as a topic of interest. This weekend I was asking around to see if anyone I came in contact with if they recently heard anything new or interesting I could share with you. The best response that came to me was not all that great; however, it did give me an idea of what I could talk to you about.

The best response was “Tell your readers to tickle their girlfriends at least once a day – it is very therapeutic.” As a girl who is very ticklish, I assure you, this is not therapeutic for the person being tickled, but maybe it is for the tickler. Several years ago I watched a clip on the news saying that people laugh when they are tickled, but not because it is funny. It is some sort of reaction that we cannot control. I try to use this as my means of getting out of tickled, but it never seems to stop people from doing it – maybe it is therapeutic – who knows. Either way, this had me thinking of “What is therapeutic for people after a long week of work, family, housekeeping, and stress?”

For me, I have several therapeutic plans of action. Magnetic Therapy PadSometimes working out, sometimes drinking with friends, sometimes girls night in, sometimes junk food, sometimes sleeping, sometimes talking on the phone to the best therapists (friends are great people to have!), sometimes walking around the city, sometimes shopping, sometimes cooking…the options, for me, are endless and dependent on my mood. When the best therapy is a massage or taking a nice warm bubble bath, you might also want to consider the magnetic therapy pad. This pad relieves pain and improves circulation. Whatever your method of therapy might be, I highly encourage making sure you take time for yourself – however you choose.

In our very busy lives, in which we are constantly on the move, we need to have our own “therapeutic” solutions. It allows us to take a minute and recover from everything else going on, and the busy life around us. What do you do to relax?

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