Retro Fan 26Jul11

RETRO FANAs I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the weather is hot. Since the severe heat has passed—at least for now—I can get back to my normal routine. I’m still avoiding certain activities, namely, cooking. I boiled water for pasta and when I needed to bake, I opted for Rice Krispies treats; simple, easy, 3 ingredients, and no time in the oven. As the temperature drops to the mid or low 90’s instead of the 100’s, I am still thinking of ways to keep cool.

I came across an article last night, “Top 10 Eco-Ways to Keep Cool While the Planet Heats Up .” Of course, I will not list out all ten ideas for you, but I will recommend you check out the article. It gives great tips of things you can so easily do to stay cool in these ridiculous temperatures. One tip that I found interesting was to use a fan in addition to the air conditioning. But I don’t like those large plastic box fans. That’s why I opted for this cool retro fan that matches the décor of my home. Other tips from the article I found helpful were to use the oven only in the morning and to cook several meals at one time.

I hope you’re keeping cool…drink lots of water!

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