Roadside Emergency Kit 17Jan13

As I write this post there is currently a rumor pending that snow is coming our way. I love snow rumors and everything that comes of them. I love going to sleep at night thinking, “It is just a rumor, there will not be any snow,” and then you wake up the next morning your neighborhood is a winter wonderland.

I am always under the assumption that it is not going to snow so I do not get my own hopes up. However, I am always prepared just in case. This of course, mostly has to do with my car. My fear is roadside emergency kit being out and driving in the snow. I do not have a big car that easily plows through the snow, and that will definitely be more of a requirement when I buy my next car. So, with that being said, I always keep my Roadside Emergency Kit in the trunk of my car. I never take it out of my trunk; it lives there until I hear it might snow while I am driving, and I move the Roadside Emergency Kit from the trunk to the backseat of my car. It makes me feel better and safer, especially when I might be driving or travelling alone.

So the moral of this story today is although snow rumors are fun and they definitely bring out the child in people; make sure you are safe and keep your Roadside Emergency Kit with you if you plan to be driving during the potential snow storm.

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