Robo Floor Sweeper 06Oct11

ROBO FLOOR SWEEPER” width=I don’t think anyone actually likes to clean. Sure, some people might get more enjoyment out of it than others, but I’m convinced that no one truly loves to clean. I fall somewhere in the middle; I don’t mind scrubbing the tub, dusting furniture, and cleaning the windows, but I do mind cleaning floors.

I don’t detest cleaning floors because it is difficult, it’s not. I just don’t like the multi-step process of sweeping and vacuuming, (mopping if necessary), moving the furniture, getting under and behind the couch, and by the time you’re done the dirt and lint has returned. Its an everyday job. I would love to hire someone to do it for me – at least that way I would not feel like I wasted my time when I could have been doing anything else, but do I really want to pay someone to do it for me? Maybe what I need to do is finally buy a Robo Floor Sweeper. How great is this idea? I can go to work and this little gadget will do the hard work for me. What do you guys think?

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