Salad Bowl 24Jan12

I am a very lucky girl. Just about every Friday I have the luxury of getting together with some of my girl friends for lunch…not just any lunch…sushi. This is our special time together. It’s a guaranteed hour of fun with unbelievable food. My friends and I try everything possible to not talk about work on our Friday lunches. So, naturally, we talk about what we have planned for the weekend. My one friend talks all about what she will do with her husband and 2 girls, another friend generally talks about planning her upcoming wedding, and another friend generally talks about how her husband encourages her to study for the graduate classes she is taking but how she wants to go out and enjoy herself. We have a great little mix.

Our favorite topic is discussing how great it would be to leave work on a Friday evening, go home, lay on the couch, and figure out what to order for dinner so the most time off the couch we would have would be to open the door for the delivery man. Since this never happens, it’s a nice dream to share with good friends who are all just as busy as the next.

These dreams got me thinking…why can’t we have a night in just for us? Why are we always hustle and bustle and on large bead rim salad bowl” width=the move to get something done. Which has led me to my next life decision: this Friday, whether I am alone or with friends, I will grab that large bowl fill it with popcorn and MnM’s and eat a delicious and balanced dinner of salty and sweet and either watch whatever TV is on or watch movies…because we all deserve a night in. Anyone want to join me?

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