Save Money In 2012 29Dec11

In keeping with a New Year’s resolution theme, I thought today we might talk about another popular New Year’s resolution favorite: saving money.

There are lots of ways to cut back and save. I have been finding more and more little shortcuts that allow me to save a little bit of money, but do not make me feel like I am missing out on life and things I enjoy. For example, I now have a travel coffee mug. I have not given up my favorite little independent coffee shop coffee, but I have cut down from 5 days a week to 2 days a week and I brew my own on the other 3 days. Is it saving me millions of dollars? No. But, I am putting $3 into a “coffee savings account” every time I bring my own coffee to work in the morning. Let me tell you what, $3 three times a week is $9 a week – multiplied by 52 weeks in a year equals $468 savings every year! I’ll take it!

MINI FIREPLACE” width=There are many other ways to save some extra cash throughout the year. For example, heating cost in your house. Instead of raising the heat every time someone in one room gets cold, you might consider something like purchasing a mini metal fireplace heater to warm up that room a little more without raising your energy bill by raising the heat in the whole house. Also, don’t think of that spare change and “useless.” Save those pennies and you’ll see MONEY MISER
how much they add up. You can even make it easier by using a sorting bank that will sort your coins for you into coin wrappers so once it’s full you can take it to the bank and fill up your bank account!

What other ways can you think of saving money for your New Year’s resolution? Happy savings!!

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