Seasons Change: The End of Summer and the Start of Fall 27Aug13

Although summer has not yet officially ended, it’s almost time for schools to reopen and the raking of leaves to begin. This signifies the beginning of fall every year.

Before nature begins her brilliant display of autumn leaves, it’s time to think about the end of the warmer months. This includes checking your deck furniture covers for damage and cashing in on the end of summer sales online.

Summer is a favorite season with children, since school is out, and for adults, since the weather is mild in most places, and you won’t have to worry about shoveling snow for a long time to come.

There is still time to enjoy time spent outdoors, before the air gets chilly. A fiber optic solar gazing ball makes an excellent addition to your back yard, while there is still time this season to enjoy it.

This gazing ball welcomes night with light and color. It gives your yard an incandescent look during the day and illuminates the area beginning at dusk. The sun charges it during the day, so there are never batteries to change, and it turns off by itself at dawn. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the last warm evenings of the season.

When the air gets chillier, you’ll turn your thoughts to pumpkins and autumn leaves and adding a windbreaker or sweater to your outfit, as you head out the door, says Heart Light.

You may be adding more bedding, too, like comforters, quilts or extra blankets. Your favorite drink for the evening may be sun tea right now, but soon it will be warm herbal tea or cocoa, or perhaps hot apple cider.

Bonfires will be back soon, for those that don’t mess with them during evenings that are already too hot. Comfortable outdoor chairs are handy, especially if you can fold them up and take them back into the garage or house after the marshmallows have been toasted and eaten.


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