Sift N Toss 18Jan12

Are you a cat lover or a dog lover? I find most people lean one way or the other. Of course you can love both, equally. But of all the people I know, most really, really love dogs and like or tolerate cats or vice versa.

GRIP AND GRAB SCOOP” width=Either way, part of owning a pet is the cleanup. There is the fur on the floor and furniture, the splashed water and spilled food, and nobody’s favorite, the litter box or yard cleanup. I’m not sure which I find worse—I’ll spare going into details. At least there are handy helpers for these unpleasant chores. For the dogs, the Grip and Grab Pet Scoop keeps your hands away from the mess and makes quick work of cleaning up the lawn. For the cats, there is now an As Seen on TV product calledSIFT N TOSS Sift N Toss. It’s a series of mesh liners that you lift out one by when the box needs cleaning. The mesh sifts out the waste and the rest of the litter stays in the box. No shoveling the litter around to find the waste and stirring up odors.

We all love our pets, but not necessarily the more unpleasant duties. These two products make it just a little more bearable.

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